Yoga4Autism aims to help people with Autism and Cognitive Disabilities like Down’s Syndrome and Dyspraxia, using healthy natural methods such as yoga, mindfulness, meditation, exercise, nutrition & healthy living. We address the causes rather than covering up the symptoms, as has been the way in the past with sedative drugs and other medical techniques.  Our methods are completely 100% natural and are in fact not only good for people, they are good for anyone who wishes to live a healthy and balanced life style.

Yoga4Autism connects Autism and Cognitive Disabilities with Global Spiritual Transformation, through the creation of spiritual workshops in the heart of cities across the world. We realise that being on the Autistic Spectrum can create great stress, anxiety and frustration in your everyday life, especially if you live in a busy city like New York or London.

Y4A was established in January 2013 by two good friends- David Ellams BSc(Hons) and Rupert Smith MSc.

“Autism cannot fulfill its destiny until humanity begins to understand that Autism is truly a frequency gift for a waiting world”


A Message from the Y4A Founder… a message of SUCCESS, HOPE & PROSPERITY FOR ALL…

“Hi, I am David Ellams, I have a condition known to most as Aspergers, Dyspraxia & Dyslexia. I was diagnosed with Dyspraxia when I was 3 years old when my parents noticed I had problems with speech including stuttering due to a condition known as Pressured Speech.

I have always had problems fitting in anywhere and being accepted, and has led to a very challenging childhood that has continued through to adulthood.I was bullied excessively in childhood due to not being able to defend myself or having no boundaries and being too trusting.

I have also always struggled with expressing myself clearly and I am constantly mis-understood which leads to a lot of frustration.All of this has led to many issues I have to content with including Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Anger and Depression.All of which I am happy to say are a thing of the past due to my own special coping strategies I have developed over the years.

I am now highly successful and rated as one of top IT contractors and software developers in the country. Nokia themselves even stated I am the best contractor they have ever seen and hired me without even meeting me (I am the only one they have ever hired without a face to face interview).

One of the gifts many possess on the Autistic Spectrum is excelling at technical, scientific and mathematical subjects, we find complex things easy and normal everyday things hard. I have learnt how to harness my gifts and at the same time find many successful coping strategies for the everyday living skills we normally find a challenge.

I now wish to share these with others going through similar difficulties so they do not have to suffer and struggle like I once did, and in doing so hope to help them lead a successful, happy and fulfilling life as I now live.

To realise my Dream, I have teamed up with expert yoga teachers and Y4A Co-founder and good friend Rupert David Smith, who has experience working with people with Aspergers and others on the Autistic Spectrum, as well as studying brain function and psychology at University.

Yoga4Autism or Y4A is the Future Portal for people on the Autistic Spectrum and for those with Cognitive Disabilities like Down’s Syndrome and Dyspraxia. We provide Yoga and Mindfulness Clinics in our North London Yoga Studio, for people with Autism and Cognitive Disabilities, and we also act as a Yoga4Autism Training Centre for Yoga Professionals and School Teachers, so they can take our unique Yoga4Autism techniques into schools and colleges.

We also function as a Research Centre for the progression of energy medicine and Mindfulness Meditation techniques. With our impressive array of research professionals and EEG technicians and yoga/meditation teachers, we offer organisations like Mindvalley & Apps for good support for their app and product development.

David Ellams is now an affiliated expert for Apps for good:

Read more here:

Scientific research coming out of non-for profit organisations in the USA, show that individuals on the Autistic Spectrum benefit greatly from yoga and meditation. Y4A uses a combination of science and eastern spiritual understanding, based on over one thousand years of practice.


Please check out my intro video below:


You can view the rest of my videos in the My Aspie Video Journal & Journey


A good explanation of what Autism is and what we are about… :)


It is time for us all to start working together to bring lasting changes to the life’s off all people with disabilities, where they can live very happy and fulfilling lives…


To summarise what we offer:

– Sensory Yoga
– Story Telling
– BICS (Breathing, Imagination, Colour & Sound)
– Mindfulness
– Meditation
– Pranayama
– Mudras
– Asanas.
– Neuro-sensory Integration using rhythmic movement and sound.
– Parents and carers to come along to help bond with their child or person they are caring for.
– Nature awareness
– Nutrition
– Exercise
– Healthy Living Coaching


– Social awareness & skill integration.
– Education and Integration.

– FREE Yoga4Autism Smartphone Apps (worth £11.11 each)

– FREE Insiders Guide To Autism (worth £11.11)

– FREE Daily Coping Strategy Guide (worth £11.11)

– FREE Calming and Meditation CD (worth £11.11)

– FREE Home Yoga Video (worth £11.11)

– FREE Home Yoga for Bedtime (aides sleep) Video (worth £11.11)

– FREE Home Yoga Posture Cards

– FREE Yoga4Autism Customizable Merchandise

– FREE membership to our upcoming online support network (Autism Friendly Social Networking & More!)

– FREE support/mentoring/counselling/therapy service (coming soon…)

– AUTISM/SPECIAL NEEDS JOBS/WORK EXPERIENCE – FREE NextGen Developer Training Programme (donation basis) and a job offer at the end of it.

To view more on what we offer check out the What we do section.


We desperately need help with funding since we are a charity so rely on donations to try and get this thing going…


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Finally, also remember to check out the What we need for more details on how you can help us…


Please can you also tell all of your friends and family and help spread the message far and wide so we can so we can help as many people on the spectrum as possible to live happy, fulfilling life’s without any limitations and allow them to be the best possible person they can be and reach their full potential… thank you! :)


Making lives better one by one…

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Many thanks,

David Ellams BSc(Hons) & Rupert Smith  MSc.
Founders & Managing Directors

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