Sensory Yoga, Teacher Training, Mediation, Mindfulness & Story Telling

Y4A Co-Founder Rupert Smith,  realised that he might help Asperger’s individuals and those labelled with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, cope with the many stressors and stimuli that make life challenging, through helping individuals easily access techniques such as yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

The primary aim of Y4A is to achieve Mindfulness in Autistic (and special needs) adults and children, the essence of yoga, through artistic, storytelling education, that easily guides individuals into Pranayama, Mudras and Asanas.

This physical and spiritual education will be very sensory, relying on BICS – breathing techniques, imagination, colour and sound, to cool down the individual’s nervous system and hopefully create for them a coping strategy and mechanism to fall back on and use in everyday life, away from the Y4A Sensory Studio. We will hopefully have a main yoga leader in charge of the class, with less experienced yoga teachers being amongst the adult or youth group, for more individual support when needed.

“I start each day leading everybody, including a parent who drops off her son, through 10 to 15 minutes of meditation, pranayama, and asanas, and can already see the benefits. For example, one student with severe anxiety tensed up his body when he sensed another student was about to scream. Loud noises make him very nervous, and during the previous school year he routinely required one hour to calm down after such a moment of anxiety. This time, I reminded him to breathe deeply and suggested he recite “Om” several times. After doing this, it took him only about 10 minutes to relax his body. I am sure it will only be a matter of time for him to achieve his new goal: to remember to breathe without my cue. I am looking forward to seeing the continued progress that my students will make with daily yoga practice”.

Lianna Green, SEN Teacher


Y4A Yoga Training

Yoga4Autism.org is a centre of excellence for yoga teacher training. We offer the most comprehensive training course for yoga and meditation for Adults and Children with ASD in Europe.


Just some of the benefits of what we offer

This Special Yoga can benefit individuals with Sensory Integration Disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, High Functioning Autism and Classic Autism as well as others with special needs. Just some of the benefits are listed below:

  • Reduction of pain.
  • Reduction of aggression.
  • Reduction of obsessive and self-stimulatory behaviours.
  • Reduction of anxiety.
  • More control in regulating anxiety and emotions.
  • The joy of sharing classes with others and making new friends.
  • Building of social skills, awareness and reduction of social anxiety.
  • An Increase in confidence and self esteem.
  • Improves fine motor skills
  • Improves spacial awareness.
  • Improves muscle tone.
  • Improves strength.
  • Improves flexibility.
  • Improves balance & co-ordination.
  • Improves Neuro-sensory Integration and coordination.
  • Improves respiratory ability and capacity.
  • Promotes calmness and peace of mind.
  • Improves spine and organ health.
  • Improves head, neck and upper trunk control
  • Improves self-awareness (both body & mind).
  • Developing the ability to self regulate across environments and demands.
  • Developing ability to relax and release tension, fear & frustration.
  • Reducing stress reaction and improve resilience.
  • Improves both quality and quantity of sleep.
  • Improves respiratory ability and capacity.
  • Improves immune function.
  • Improves focus & concentration.
  • Enhances a sense of emotional balance.
  • Helps them to express their emotions more effectively.
  • Find their personal freedom.
  • Live longer! :)

We are a Charity and Community Yoga Centre.

We offer yoga therapy for Children and Adults with Autism and special needs on a donation basis, and we offer a diverse range of yoga classes, for all ages and abilities to fund our charity.

The Y4A Yoga Centre also offers Yoga for Parents and Carerrs so they can fully de-stress after a long day, before picking up their child or the person who they are caring for. They can also do the yoga with their child or the person who they are caring for, as this provides an excellent opportunity for them to bond and will also help build vital social interaction skills.

• Yoga 4 the Special Child

• Yoga 4 Parents and Carers

• Yoga 4 Mental Health

• Yoga 4 Autistic Spectrum Disorder (Adults)

• Yoga 4 Asperger’s Syndrome (Adults)

• Y4A Spectrum Yoga Teacher Training Workshop (3 days)


Social awareness, education and integration.

Our small group workshops also help with social awareness, education and integration. For children, their teachers and parents will notice a significant improvement in behaviors, concentration and performance in school. Their child will be noticeable more happy and at ease with them self and the world around them.

Likewise, adults will also notice these improvements, which will continue to grow the more they participate with the workshop sessions and follow the FREE guides we will give them (more detail below).


FREE Daily Coping Strategy Guide

We will also give them an easy to follow daily coping strategy guide, which details many of the coping strategies I have developed over the years as well as insight and input from other professionals.


FREE Smartphone Apps

We hope to also develop apps that they can carry with them everywhere and will be there to offer assistance when they need it most.


FREE Insiders Guide To Autism

We will also provide inside information on how Autistic people think and feel and what makes them act or behave the way they do, who better to write and share this than someone who has lived with Aspergers their whole life and so understands it better than many so called “experts” do.


100% Natural and Good for everyone’s health

Our aim is to help and cure the cause, not cover up the symptoms with numbing drugs and other techniques which many are now becoming aware simply do not work. Our techniques are completely 100% natural and are in fact not only good for them, they are good for anyone who wishes to live a healthy and balanced life style.


To summarise what we offer:

– Sensory Yoga
– Story Telling
– BICS (Breathing, Imagination, Colour & Sound)
– Mindfulness
– Meditation
– Pranayama
– Mudras
– Asanas.
– Neuro-sensory Integration using rhythmic movement and sound.
– Parents and carers to come along to help bond with their child or person they are caring for.
– Nature awareness
– Nutrition
– Exercise
– Healthy Living Coaching


– Social awareness & skill integration.
– Education and Integration.

FREE Yoga4Autism Smartphone Apps (worth £11.11 each)

FREE Insiders Guide To Autism (worth £11.11)

FREE Daily Coping Strategy Guide (worth £11.11)

FREE Calming and Meditation CD (worth £11.11)

FREE Home Yoga Video (worth £11.11)

FREE Home Yoga for Bedtime (aides sleep) Video (worth £11.11)

FREE Home Yoga Posture Cards

FREE Yoga4Autism Customizable Merchandise

FREE membership to our upcoming online support network (Autism Friendly Social Networking & More!)

FREE support/mentoring/counselling/therapy service (coming soon…)

– AUTISM/SPECIAL NEEDS JOBS/WORK EXPERIENCE – FREE NextGen Developer Training Programme (donation basis) and a job offer at the end of it.



We intend to offer classes all over the UK and eventually the world so we can help as many people on the spectrum and with special needs live happy fulfilling life’s to their FULL potential without any limitations. We are in the process of currently training more yoga teachers so we can put on more classes across the UK. Please keep checking back in the http://yoga4autism.org/classe section to see if a class is now running your local area. In the mean time please ensure you sign up on the homepage in the pink box to register you on our database. We can then email you updates of classes starting in your area as well as keep you informed of Y4A news and developments…


Out Reach

To make life easier for you we can come to you, where ever the demand is… this may even be from the comfort of your own home. You can also get together with other parents and/or carers in your area. Please email us on classes@yoga4autism.com to arrange a session in your area.


Schools, Homes & Organisations

We also offer classes for Schools, Colleges, Care Homes & other organisation across the UK and soon the world… Please contact us on classes@yoga4autism.com to arrange a class.


One on On

We offer one on one sessions for those who are unable to make it to a class where we can tailor the session to suit the individual needs. We can also come to you to make life easier for you… Please contact us on classes@yoga4autism.com to arrange a session.


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