Since we intend to register as a Charity very shortly, we really need funding by whatever means possible, to get this project off the ground and make it a reality.

We plan to help many children and adults with learning difficulties and disabilities. We have many more ideas and projects on how we can help all children and communities, not only through Yoga but also through educational fun games using Apps, technology and other means.

We will also be doing some ground-breaking scientific R&D, by actually measuring the participants emotions and brain function to analyse the most effective technique on both a collective and individual basis.

All monies raised will go towards hiring halls to host Y4A sessions, seminars, essential equipment for instructors and clients, staff, merchandise and research into various aids and side projects. It also covers our advertising and costs of going to shows, which are very expensive, we have so far spent way over 50k on this! We can no longer afford this so to help keep Y4A going please help us help everyone else, it would be really appreciated, thank you! :)

We also hope to rent our own permanent Yoga Studio, so please help us achieve our dream to help as many people with Autism as possible, through natural healthy ways, which can benefit everybody…

Our funding page is here:


Spread the word

We need to spread the word, so we can help as many people as possible live happy and fulfilling lives… thank you.



We hope we can also work with other Autistic Groups & Organisations in partnership or collaboration in the future.


Yoga Teachers

Finally, we are always on the lookout for Yoga Teachers who would be able to help our cause. Below is the message we would appreciate you could forward and circulate to yoga teachers who may be interested:

“We would provide specialist training to work with people with ASD & special needs. ASD is becoming more and more common today where it is now as common as one in four people, and this is set to only increase.

Once you have trained with us, you will be one of the very few yoga teachers in the world who is qualified to help people with Asperger’s Syndrome Disorder & Special Needs, so you will be very highly sought after. You would also have the opportunity to start your own Y4A franchise, enabling us to help as many people with ASD  & Special Needs as possible.

So please do not miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime, to not only become a more Specialist Yoga Instructor, but also to really help make a difference out there, by giving someone a life they really deserve to live.

Be the change you wish to see in the world…”




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