David Ellams BSc(Hons)
Co-Founder & Managing Director

David is Co-Founder of When David was a child he was diagnosed with Asperger’s, Dyspraxia & Dyslexia. He  has managed to turn his life around though natural healthy methods, such as Meditation, Yoga & Mindfulness. He is now one of Europe’s leading Mobile Phone Apps. and Software Developers, highly rated by Nokia and other big names. David was one of the few people to be hired by Nokia, without even a face to face interview. Despite being termed ‘Asperger’s’, he is a recognised Tech Genius and has a First Class Honours Degree in Computer Science and Business.  He is currently a top IT contractor and Architect working in London. He has used his successful career to get Y4A and NextGen Software off the ground. He also donates to many charities, which are listed on the NextGen Software website (
It is David’s Goal to now share the Secrets of his Success, along with other coping strategies, so that others with similar disabilities, do not have to suffer and struggle like he once did. In doing so, he hopes to help people lead successful, happy and fulfilling lives, with Yoga and Mindfulness at the forefront.
164236_10151934929234546_1677146493_nIt is also David’s wish to help others find their own individual gifts and to help hone them further, and then assist them with sharing these with the World. His Big Dream is to help as many people as possible practice Yoga and Mindfulness, especially those that Society tends to overlook, including the Homeless, Unemployed, and of course those with Disabilities. David knows that with a healthy body and mind, Autistic people of all ages, can follow their hearts and dreams, because anything is possible.





Rupert Smitimage(1)h MSc
Co-Founder & Managing Director

Rupert is a Master of Psychology, specialising in Autism and ADHD research. He has an Undergraduate Honours Degree in Psychology and Neuroscience and a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology. Rupert has worked extensively with Asperger’s clients and Service Users. The co-founder and Managing Director of y4a also practices yoga and Mindfulness Meditation.He and David Ellams met at Glastonbury Festival and then again at a special spiritual gathering and have been good friends since. They intend to set up a Special Yoga Clinic in North London very soon and provide Special Yoga Clinics to Schools, Colleges and Autistic Units, using their Special Yoga Techniques.

Robin Smith BA (Honours)

Marketing and PR Officer
Stephen Watts
Technical Director
Aariya Rae
Special Yoga Instructor

Amir Om
Special Yoga Instructor

Debbie Reynolds
Special Yoga Instructor
Denny Burfield
Special Yoga Instructor
Aurelia Aquila
Nutrition Specialist & Masseuse



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