People on the spectrum and special needs can really benefit from our amazing world leading yoga, which has been specifically tailored for people with Autism and Special Needs…

This will help them be more relaxed and focused so they are more effective at learning. It also helps them deal with stressful environments and situations better and also improves their sleep.

It also improves their hand eye co-ordination so would improve their PE, etc.

It also increases their self esteem and confidence amongst many more benefits listed in the What We Do section.


What you get from attending our classes

Every time you complete 2-4 hours of classes you are entitled to a FREE Y4A Gift as an extra incentive to keep up the good work of going to classes. You will receive:

Y4A Wristband (worth £1.99)

Y4A Badge (worth £1.99)

Bendy (Wo)Man (worth £5.99)

Y4A Daily Coping Strategy Guide (worth £11.11)

Y4A Fridge Magnet (worth £1.99)

Y4A Meditation CD (worth £9.99)

NextGen Developer Training Course (worth £111.11) – more details below…

Y4A T-Shirt (worth £13.99)

Y4A Keyring (worth £1.99)

Y4A Posture Cards (worth £11.11)

Y4A Custom Mug (worth £9.99)

Y4A Relaxing Music CD (worth £9.99)

Y4A Sweater (worth £13.99)

Squidgey (worth £9.99)

Y4A Pen (worth 4.99)

Y4A Insiders Guide To Autism (worth £11.11)

Y4A App (worth £9.99) more info below…

Y4A Sleep CD (worth £9.99)

TOTAL: £136.99



FREE NextGen Software & Y4A Autism Is Awsomeism App worth £9.99+

After you have completed 50 hours of our classes you are entitled to the premium version of the amazing Autism Is Awesomism app, which helps with the day to day life’s of people on the spectrum with many ground breaking features to help keep people calm, focused, positive and happy. It also includes much needed secure autism friendly social networking as requested by many at the shows we have attended. More details to come on this soon…


FREE NextGen Software Developer Training Course (and a guaranteed job) worth £111.11!

After you have completed 16 hours of our classes you are ready and entitled to our amazing partners NextGen Software Developer Training course worth £111.11! You are then guaranteed a job creating amazing apps, games & websites to help improve peoples life’s, help the environment and make the world a better place… giving you massive job satisfaction in that you really are making a real difference out there… Become your own boss, work on what you want to work on and when you want to, we want to help your flourish and grow as a person by inspiring, empowering you and actively encouraging your cretiity and imagination. Your dreams really can become a reality working  us and not for us…

Read more on this here:


Out Reach

To make life easier for you we can come to you, where ever the demand is… this may even be from the comfort of your own home. You can also get together with other parents and/or carers in your area. Please email us on to arrange a session in your area.


Schools, Homes & Organisations

We also offer classes for Schools, Colleges, Care Homes & other organisation across the UK and soon the world… Please contact us on to arrange a class.


One on One

We offer one on one sessions for those who are unable to make it to a class where we can tailor the session to suit the individual needs. We can also come to you to make life easier for you… Please contact us on to arrange a session.


Group Classes

If we have enough demand for classes within a certain area we can hire a suitable venue and put on a group class. In future we hope to run regular group classes across the country, eventually leading us to having permanent Y4A Yoga Studios…


Inspiring & Empowering Talks

Our founder David Ellams BSc(Hons) who is also on the spectrum  offers inspiring & empowering talks and a message of HOPE for people on the spectrum and special needs so they know things do get better and to never give up, and eventually you can get to where he is today.

He covers this and much more during his talk/presentation… He also covers some top tips and coping strategies he has developed over the years…

Please contact his on if you are interested in booking him for a talk…


Coaching/Mentoring/Support Service

We also offer a mentoring/coaching service to help younger versions of our founder thrive and not have to go through the hard life he did, I went through it so others do not have to…  It will enable them to better manage their symptoms by sharing what he has learned along his journey and the many coping strategies he has developed over the years…


Please remember if you are interested in attending one of our classes ensure you sign up in the pink box on our homepage so we can add you to our mailing list and keep you updated on classes in your area …

Also please get anyone else who may be interested in our classes to sign up to help as many people on the spectrum live happy fulfilling life’s to their full potential without any limitations, and to help free their mind and unleash their FULL potential! :) Many thanks!

For more info please email us on

Please help us achieve our dream of helping as many people on the spectrum live happy and fulfilling life’s to their full potential without any limitations. Help us free your mind and unleash YOUR full potential! :)

Many thanks.

Warmest Wishes,

David Ellams BSc(Hons)
Proud & Liberated Aspie
Founder & Managing Director


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