Yes, we mean it, we are providing training and jobs for all, so please get in contact. We also need sponsorship and funding so if you or anyone you know can help us in that area, it would be greatly appreciated.


FREE NextGen Deveoper Training

Once we have helped people to fulfill their full potential with our yoga and teachings, we wish to also offer people jobs in partnership with our sister company NextGen Software Ltd.

NextGen Software Ltd provides FREE training for EVERYONE and do not require any previous skills or experience. The course teaches them how to make fun apps & games for the whole family, which are also educational and teach vital skills such as meditation, mindfulness, yoga, nutrition, exercise and healthy living. We want to really empower people to believe in themselves again and to know they can achieve everything they dream of, without any limitations. We want to actively encourage their creativity and imagination and give them free reign to work on or create whatever they like.

They also of course can make money and have extra peace of mind knowing their work is going towards helping people and making the world a better place.

We know that people on the Autistic Spectrum will be equally as gifted and super creative as one of our founders David Ellams. We want to find their gifts and strengths and help hone and develop them further…

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Please vote and rate below and spread far and wide.  Ask your friends and family to vote and rate too. Can you please also Like on YouTube (by clicking the title at the top of the video).  We want to get these videos out everywhere and make them viral across YouTube and the Internet, in order to raise awareness of ASD and also to provide life changing skills to overcome the symptoms of ASD. I have developed coping skills over the years, as I have worked very hard to overcome the symptoms of ASD, as well as honing my gifts from the condition…

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David Ellams BSc(Hons)
Co-Founder & Managing Director


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