I am David Ellams, Y4A Co-Founder and Managing Director.

Welcome to my new page showing my Aspie video journal & journey. Although I have overcome most of the symptoms associated with ASD such as OCD, ADHD, low self esteem, etc., I am still working on my verbal communication skills and overcoming social anxiety, which is another classic trait.

I will be recording more and more videos over time and will cover topics such as “Overcoming OCD” , “Dealing with difficult social situations”,  “How to fit in”, etc.

I will be doing inspiring and empowering talks in Schools to Teachers, Parents and at Yoga and Autism Shows,  and I will record each of these to add to the Journal. and hopefully over time we will see an improvement… :)

I also would really appreciate it if people could vote on each video. This way I can see what is working and what is not working enabling me to fine tune my verbal communication skills. Thanks! :)

This will be its very own special research project and may in itself be useful to other people and researchers in the ASD field…



Please vote and rate below and spread far and wide. Ask your friends and family to vote and rate too. Can you please also Like on YouTube (by clicking the title at the top of the video). We want to get these videos out everywhere and make them viral across YouTube and the Internet, in order to raise awareness of ASD and also to provide life changing skills to overcome the symptoms of ASD. I have developed coping skills over the year,s as I have worked very hard to overcome the symptoms of ASD, as well as honing my gifts from the condition…

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Many thanks,

David Ellams BSc(Hons)
Co-Founder & Managing Director


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