We will also be offering Yoga for parents and carers so they can fully de-stress after a long day before picking up their child or person they are caring for.

They can also do the yoga with their child or person they are caring for, this provides an excellent opportunity for them to bond and also will also help build vital social interaction skills.

We will shortly be offering these Yoga Courses at our new Yoga Centre in North London-


• Yoga 4 the Special Child

• Yoga 4 Parents and Carers

• Yoga 4 Mental Health

• Yoga 4 Autistic Spectrum Disorder (Adults)

• Yoga 4 Asperger’s Syndrome (Adults)

• Y4A Spectrum Yoga Teacher Training Workshop (3 days)


We are a Charity and Community Yoga Centre.

We offer yoga therapy for Children and Adults with Autism and special needs on a donation basis, and we offer a diverse range of yoga classes, for all ages and abilities to fund our charity.

We will be posting more information soon about Y4A Courses and Yoga Classes on the Y4A website


Please vote and rate below and spread far and wide.  Ask your friends and family to vote and rate too. Can you please also Like on YouTube (by clicking the title at the top of the video).  We want to get these videos out everywhere and make them viral across YouTube and the Internet, in order to raise awareness of ASD and also to provide life changing skills to overcome the symptoms of ASD. I have developed coping skills over the years, as I have worked very hard to overcome the symptoms of ASD, as well as honing my gifts from the condition…

You can also check out all of my videos on the official Y4A Channel:

Many thanks,

David Ellams BSc(Hons)
Co-Founder & Managing Director


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