Greetings Friends,

Check out this clip from Chris Packman who has just disclosed his diagnosis of Autism/Aspergers:


He states it is a difference, and not a disability, something we have been saying for a long time now. It is time for society to stop trying to divide people and to start accepting people for who they are and working together to create a better world for everyone.

He wants to create better education for people with Autism, and this is something we are pushing for too.

This is why we are offering free training and jobs for all disadvantaged people especially people with autism.

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We can also help them with yoga, meditation & mindfulness which really helped turn my life around in the most amazing way after everything else failed. I spent a lifetime looking for solutions to my diagnoses of autism but nothing worked, they simply cover up the symptoms rather than addressing the causes as yoga, meditation & mindfulness do.

This is why I created Yoga4Autism to help share what I have discovered. I also do public talking to share my life story and how Yoga4Autism came to be. I also share other techniques I have found that work for me as well as sharing the positive site of autism, whilst most just focus on the negative.

We will be contacting Chris soon to see if he can help sponsor us or work with us in helping as many people with autism and special needs live happy fulfilling life’s to their FULL potential without amy limitations.

Thank you.


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