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I am not sure if you have seen the latest Predator film (2018) ?

Well in it there is a autistic kid who saves the day with his genius and they even said in the film that autism is the next evolutionary step for mankind, and is not a disability!

This is something I have known for years and have told people privately, but now since the cat is out of the bag I can now officially come out and confirm this.

Yes people on the spectrum are actually very old wise souls who have come to Earth at this time to help uplift humanity and to teach UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. They cannot be put into a box, they are here to get you out of yours! The reason they rock back and forth and hum, etc is because they are trying to ground and to stay in their bodies and on this planet. Once they learn to ground and anchor in their very high vibration then they will unlock their gifts for the world and also help raise the collective vibration of the entire planet, that is how important they are! They are a BIG part of the Divine Plan for Earth at this time. So they need to start being treated with the respect and reverence they deserve. They are a frequency gift for the waiting world…

We are also here to warn us of the harmful toxins in our environment, such as vaccines, chlorine in pools, etc This is why I cannot swim in pool and now need to live in Bali so I am near the sea so I can swim. Swimming along with yoga are the most effective tools I have found that help manage my symptoms. Do you think swimming in bleach is good for you?! You absorb it through your skin so you might as well be drinking bleach! Would you drink bleach?

Yes, it is true, Autism is NOT caused by vaccines, we are simply super highly sensitive due to being such a high vibrations (our atoms are vibrating a lot higher than most and our energy is flowing much faster), so the toxins, heavy metals and other rubbish they put onto them effect us more making our symptoms much worst, hence the confusion people have had.But we have done our job by highlighting the dangers of vaccines…

So now you know the real TRUTH about Autism… 😉

They cannot be controlled or moulded to fit into society, as I have always said in my public talks that it is society that needs to change, not people on the spectrum or anyone else for that matter. Life is fluid and dynamic so we cannot keep trying to conform to worn out rigid old rules that simply do not work anymore. We need to learn to be flexible and to accept people for who they are. We can then help them find their gift for the world and help them to express and hone it.

This is something we at Yoga4Autism and our sister company NextGen Software does. We help people be the best possible person they can be, we help them to believe in themselves again like we believe in them. We wish to inspire & empower them and to help them unleash their FULL potential without any limitations.

Once we have unlocked them with our unique yoga method services we then offer them free training and jobs co-creating nextgen apps & games to help make the world a better place so it is a win win win! :)

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NextGen Junior Developer Training Programme

They can also help co-create our flagship product Our World, which will be the game that will change the world. It is very ambitious and is light years ahead of anything else, it is a nextgen 3D VR/AR training platform/game to teach people how to co-create a better world by living in harmony with each and the planet that sustains us using the latest cutting edge technology.

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In love, light & hope,

David Ellams
Founder & MD
Proud & liberated Aspie.


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