Greetings All,

I have recently attended an Autistic retreat run by people on the spectrum for people on the spectrum.

It really shows what people on the spectrum can achieve when we come and work together… :)

Had an awesome time and led my first yoga classes there and there were a massive hit! :)

Got good feedback too. :)

You wont believe how many turned up for my class and it was on at the same time as another really good one that I wanted to go to as well…

AND there were a few peeps who have been doing yoga and meditation too and everyone was saying they heard yoga really works for our condition… :)

So yeah the word is getting out there, and now I am known as the yoga guy… :) And people missed my class so out of demand I did a 2nd one and then there were still people who wanted another one but we ran out of time….

I was told it was the best aspie event of the year and I have to agree it was. I could finally be myself and was with my own kind so to speak. None of the usual being mis understood or not fitting in, we all understood each other and had a mutual respect for each other.



I say some slightly different things in each take so make sure you watch both… :)
I may even help run it next year or the one after. Since we can nominate ourselves and we get to vote people in too since it is totally organized by all of us, it is an awesome Autistic Community coming together and showing what we can do on our own…

It has also inspired me to run my own Yoga Autistic Retreats in future, hopefully next year where Aspies can come and de-stress and rejuvenate. I can combine my experience of retreats I have been on my self with what I picked up at Autscape… :)

So watch this space…



My 2nd workshop due to high demand: :)



I think future workshops I will do less talking and just jump into the postures, was giving a background into what the breathing and postures did and an overview of energy and our Chakra’s etc, but that can be more for a advanced class rather than a beginners one…

When I get the official video from the television crew I will upload that so you can hear from I am saying…. 😉
David Ellams BSc(Hons)
Co-Founder & Managing Director


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