Greetings Friends,

We are delighted to announce that through our training school Yo’Tism we have free tickets to visit the ZSL London Zoo.

The tickets are for young adults on the spectrum, and is part of a focus group that the Zoo has asked for us to do so they can make the zoo more Autistic Friendly so this is good progress indeed… :)

They can also be accompanied by their carer and/or parents.

I am hoping to go also, since I have always wanted to go to the zoo since I LOVE animals, but I do have a bit of an issue of them being held in captivity especially after what was on the news recently. But I hope this is one of the good news, it does sound like it if they are trying to make it more aspie friendly…

Please email me on david@yoga4autism.com if you are interested.

Many thanks,

David Ellams BSc(Hons)
Founder & Managing Director
Proud & Liberated Aspie


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