Dear Friends,

Yoga4Autism is a specialised Sensory Yoga method designed to enhance the lives of those with ASD symptoms. It has been proven through research and direct feedback that the effects of Yoga are both powerful and profound in helping children and adults on the spectrum.  

Yoga4Autism’s approach can benefit individuals with Sensory Integration Disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, High Functioning Autism and Classic Autism as well as others with special needs. Some benefits include:

*  Improved hand-eye co-ordination and muscle tone

*  Enhanced motor skills, balance and spacial awareness

*  Improved attention, focus, confidence and self-esteem

*  More control in regulating anxiety and emotions

*  Regulates both quality and quantity of sleep

*  Reduction in aggression and self-harming

*  Regression of obsessive and self-stimulatory behaviours

*  Decline in sensory overload, including pain

*  The joy of and benefit to sharing classes with others leading into making new friends

*  Develops social interactions and reduces social anxiety.


Further information on the benefits of Yoga and how Yoga works for those on the spectrum can be found at www.yoga4autism.org.  

Yoga4Autism’s vision is to bring the healing magic of Yoga to as many people as possible. To achieve this we are training experienced Yoga teachers to become Licensed Yoga4Autism Practitioners as well as extended training opportunities for people without Yoga teaching experience.


Our courses run as an initial 3 day Foundation. 2 day Advanced and 2 day Specialist with ongoing remote training through your first months of becoming a trained service provider.  If you are an already certified and practicing Yoga Teacher the Foundation course will provide you with the greater knowledge and ability that you will need to register and present yourself as a y4a practitioner. Although we do still advise you to take up all three parts of the training and follow the ongoing training program to fully master the enhanced skills of this neuro-sensory Yoga method.  

If you are not already a certified practicing Yoga teacher it is necessary to fulfill all 3 parts of the training and the ongoing program to become a y4a practitioner.

Or if you are a parent or professional in the field who wants the opportunity to learn and train in this method and walk away with all the tools of how to use and introduced specialised Yoga to your child, your workplace or existing practice then this is definitely the course for you.


Please find course dates below:


Foundation Course:

Date: 12 – 14 November 2015. 25th-27th, February 2016. 22 – 25 April 2016.

Times: 9:30am – 5:30pm on each day.

Location: Watford, Hertfordshire.

Costs: £ 300 per participant.


Foundation Course:

Date: 27 – 29 November 2015, 18 – 20 March 2016

Location: Space4Autism, Macclesfield, Manchester.



For more information and dates please do not hesitate to email us at training@yoga4autism.com


A brief course outline for the Foundation Course:


Day 1

–  Introduction to Yoga and Yo’tism – Yoga4Autism.

–  Brain neurology of spectrum differences.

–  Practical and theoretical understanding of Autism and Body – brain integration.

–  Introduction to adapted Yoga sequences and techniques.


Day 2

– Yoga and your own Neurology.

– Practical Yoga 4 Autism sessions.

– Yoga 4 Autism sequences and techniques

– ASD & other Neuro-sensory tools used as Yoga aids.

– Family and community support


Day 3

– Practical Yoga4Autism.

– Talks from real life ASD perspective.

– Create a class and set up as practitioner (parent, schools, one:one, groups, Y4A membership)

– Lots of Q & A.


Y4A provides the training that you desire and an ongoing professional support, mentoring and coaching service so you are never alone. training,   Also information and special offers on neuro-sensory therapies.


Yoga4Autism provides everything you need to setup as a professional practitioner.


The benefits of becoming a Licensed Yoga4Autism Practitioner:

  • Client referrals from your area.
  • Class set-up and launch advice.
  • Marketing and management support.
  • Y4A Merchandise such as Y4A T-Shirt, wristbands, leaflets, flyers, bendy men and teaching tools and toys.
  • Receive the benefits of ongoing mentoring and coaching to ensure you are the best you possibly can be.
  • Meditation and Yoga4Autism video downloads.
  • Access to contribute and refer to practitioner led blogging.
  • Video and visual aids for sequencing and lesson structure.
  • Access to the Yoga4Autism forum where you can feedback, share ideas and support your fellow practitioners. You also will receive information, advice and support from the Y4A Team as well as training, information and special offers on neuro-sensory therapies.
  • Become part of our Y4A Family where every voice is heard and valued. We see you as valuable human being and not simply a resource. We always welcome your feedback and in fact encourage you to help shape the future of Yoga4Autism, we are all in this together. We all share the same vision of helping as many people as possible on the spectrum live happy fulfilling life’s to their FULL potential without any limitations. If we all work together rather separately we can achieve this dream much more effectively and quicker. Together we can help even more people…
  • We provide session logs to enable us to track a client progress and to help improve the services we provide. It also enables us to better tailor our classes to suit the individual’s needs. We really care about our clients and want to ensure the best possible service and experience possible.
  • Coming next year we will be rolling out a comprehensive tracking, management and reporting online service, to be used by both our clients and Y4A Practitioners. The session’s logs will feed into this system. This will allow us to help our clients even more and make sure all of their needs are being met. It will also contain visual representation of their progress using line graphs, charts, etc. You will be able to generate reports in the format Schools, Councils, etc require them as well as generate your own bespoke reports. Accompanying this will also be an app so you can update and access this wealth of information at any time.
  • We will also be rolling out various other teaching support materials such as more apps, games, posture cards, DVDs, CDs, etc
  • We will also be introducing an Autism friendly social network where teachers, parents, carers, Y4A Practitioners and people on the spectrum can interact and support each other in a warm and safe environment. This will also integrate with the Tracking, Management and Reporting service.
  • Take part in future Y4A Events where Y4A Practitioners can get together, share ideas and support each other face to face. We hope to be able to treat our Y4A Practitioners to fun days out such as Yoga Shows, Yoga Festivals and eventually even yoga retreats. We want you to feel supported by us every step of the way.
  • Plus much more to come!


To receive more detailed information on any of the above, please email us at training@yoga4autism.com as soon as possible or to book your place on the course, please follow this link and fill out the application form and we will then send you a confirmation email.


Payment is required before the course and can be made via paypal using payments@yoga4autism.com. Alternatively bank transfer can be done, please contact david@yoga4autism.com to make arrangements for this.

Y4A is very eager to meet your Yoga needs, so please do let us know how we can help you with Yoga4Autism for yourself, your child/family, your profession or workplace. We very much look forward to hearing from you!

Many blessings for the New Year.
Your sincerely,
The Yoga4Autism Team


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