Greetings Friends,

We are looking for someone to help manage and run Yoga4Autism along with our founder & MD David Ellams.

This is a very exciting opportunity to join a global enterprise on the ground floor, which is set for explosive growth!

We have BIG ambitions for Yoga4Autism, we wish to help as many people on the autistic spectrum around the globe live happy fulfilling lives to their FULL potential without any limitations as our founder David now enjoys…

We have been building a large database of both clients and yoga teachers since 2013 after all the hard work of our founder establishing Yoga4Autism as a top brand within the sector. Yoga4Autism is number one on Google if you search for autism yoga. We have attended many shows such as the Om Yoga Show, The Autism Show & TES Special Educational Needs Show where we had popular stands as well as our founder David gave public talks, which many commented were the best they had seen at the show, mainly because David focused on the positive side of autism and talked about the strengths as well as ways to cope and improve whereas others were focusing more on the negative side. David gave hope to many where previously there was none.

We have also done extensive advertising in a number of magazines such as Om Yoga Magazine, Achieve, SEN Magazine & others which led to many more people signing up. On average we have at least one new client or teacher signing up a week, but with advertising, this rose to about 10-15 per week. We have run Yoga Open Days in Mill Hill, which proved very popular.

The demand was so great that we struggled to cope since our staff were mostly volunteers who also had full-time jobs. We wish to now expand and seek funding as well as create new in-house training courses, which we are hiring additional staff for.

We are also working on a new website and business model as well as a new Y4A App and a Management Tracking System designed by our founder David, who use to be a top software contractor in London so this is one of his main strengths.

We run Y4A as a family business and not like a cold corporations, the main criteria we look for in new people is that they operate from their heart rather than their mind. Sometimes, this is more important than what skills or experience they bring to the team.

Y4A wishes to lead as an example of how businesses should now operate, where love, compassion, generosity & kindness are our core values rather than relentless obsession with profits at the expense of people and the planet.

Our head office is in London but we are flexible with people working remotely if we can make that work.

When applying please answer these questions:

1. What interests you in Yoga4Autism?

2. What do you feel you can bring to Yoga4Autism?

3. What is your background and experience? Do you have any experience with yoga or autism? Do you have any previous management experience? What companies have you managed previously?

Please send applications to David on david@yoga4autism.com. Thank you.

If you feel you could be a valuable contribution to our family then please do get in touch, we would love to hear from you…

Many thanks,
The Y4A Team.



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