Greetings Friends,

You may be wondering why I haven’t posted anything related to Y4A for a while and why I keep sharing Our World posts.

Just in case you missed earlier posts, as you may know unfortunately there is not a lot of money available to help special needs and mental health including services such as ours.

This situation only continues to worsen as more and more people are being diagnosed with Autism yet the funding and services available to help them declines.

This is why I have decided to knuckle down and put my gifts in IT and programming to good use… :)

I have been designing Our World for over 6 years, a game that will help make the world a better place and not only help people with special needs live happier more fulfilling life’s but help EVERYONE on the planet do this! :)

Plus there is a LOT more money in apps and games than there is in yoga and autism. So all the profits generated from Our World and other apps & games that NextGen Software (Y4A’s sister company) make will be funneled back into Y4A and other worthy causes helping to make the world a better place… :)

A big part of this is that we are hiring people with Autism and other special needs, because a lot of people with Autism are just as gifted as me with computers. We need an army of developers to develop Our World and the suite of related apps & games… We will build our Autism Army! :)

We will then show the world the POWER OF AUTISM and show what we can REALLY do! As I have always done during public speaking I promote the many strengths and the positive side of Autism rather than the negative, which mot seem to focus on.

We plan to create a revolutionary game that the world has never seen before, it will push the boundaries of what people thought was possible with technology and at the same time it will help create a better world by teaching people the importance of looking after themselves, each other the world around them including the environment.

Read more about Our World here:


So do not worry Y4A is still very much active but I have needed to divert my attention just for a while to get Our World off the ground…

My Y4A team especially Flo (who is doing an amazing job and we couldn’t live without her!) is continuing to help man the Y4A Ship so she is still going good and strong… :)

We are close to getting investment and will soon launch crowd funding campaigns so if you can help Our World by liking the FB page and spreading it everywhere you will also be helping Y4A and everyone else in the world! :)

Me and the Y4A team have also designed a brand new website and new business model for Y4A so Y4A will be getting a reboot very soon, later this year… I will share more news soon on Y4A 2.0, the new improved super fast turbo charged hyper fighter Y4A! 😉

So watch this space and thank you for your ongoing support, it is much appreciated!

Much love & blessings,

David Ellams BSc(Hons)
Proud & Liberated Aspie
Founder & Managing Director
Yoga4Autism & NextGen Software


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