y4a -Yoga4Autism.org is a centre of excellence for yoga teacher training, based in North London, UK. Y4A was founded by David Ellams BSc (Hons) (who has Asperger’s, Dyspraxia & Dyslexia himself) and Rupert Smith MSc. David and Rupert wanted to help Asperger’s individuals and those labelled with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, cope with the many stressors and stimuli that make life challenging. At Yoga4Autism we do this through helping individuals easily access techniques such as yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

Y4A offers the most comprehensive training course for yoga, mindfulness and meditation for Adults and Children with ASD in Europe.

If you are a Yoga Teacher or a Classroom Teacher in schools/colleges, now is the perfect time to begin understanding how Yoga can benefit people of all ages, especially those with Autism and Cognitive Disabilities like Down’s Syndrome and Dyspraxia. With Y4A you can train under the guidance of professionals who have worked with Autism for many years and who have vast experience teaching Yoga. You can bring our unique accredited  Samadhi Spectrum Yoga back into your School, Classroom or Workplace.

Use your Yoga4Autism Samadhi Spectrum Yoga Training to help individuals with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and other Disabilities, to cope better in this often stressful modern world. Become part of the Y4A Yogers Team, as a Yoga Leader in International workshops and in schools.

The Y4A Team believes that all things in life are possible, and through Yoga, meditation and Mindfulness anyone can overcome disabilities and realise their Dreams just as one of our co-founders David Ellams has. We want to enable people to live happy & fulfilling life’s and allow them to be the best possible person they can be without any limitations.

ASD is becoming more and more common today where it is now as common as one in four people, and this is set to only increase.

Once you have trained with us, you will be one of the very few yoga teachers in the world who is qualified to help people with ASD, so you will be very highly sought after. You would also have the opportunity to start your own Y4A franchise, enabling us to help as many people with Special Needs as possible.

So please do not miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime to not only become a more specialist yoga instructor, but also to really help make a difference out here by giving someone a life they really deserve to live, which without your help wouldn’t have been possible.

It will pay very well too, and will get in on the ground floor and we will expand rapidly in UK since there is a HUGE DEMAND, we had people swarming to our stand at the Autism Show. We are going into Businesses too and also providing it for parents and carers to distress before picking up their autistic kids…

This is a golden opportunity to get in on the ground floor and become one of the core Yoga Instructors who can in future train other instructors, etc…


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We are also looking for Reiki masters too so please get in contact if you are one or know someone who may be interesting in this very important life transforming project…

Be the change you wish to see in the world…


Many thanks,

David Ellams BSc(Hons)
Founder & Managing Director


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