Hi my name is David Ellams and I am the Founder and Director of Yoga4Autism.

I have coped with Asperger’s Syndrome Disorder, Dyspraxia and Dyslexia all of my life. It has not been an easy Journey for me and there have been many hard times and obstacles I have had to face such as extreme bullying when I was a child which continued into adulthood.I never gave up no matter how hard it got, determination is one of the positive traits of Aspergers,   In the end I triumphed over adversity with the help of Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness and now it is my mission at Yoga4Autism, to help as many people as possible who have Autism and Special Needs (i.e. Down’s Syndrome, Dyspraxia) to live happy fulfilling lives, to their full potential without any limitation. We wish to promote healthy natural ways of doing this without the use of any prescription medication.

We hope to do this using healthy natural methods such as Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation, Exercise, Nutrition & Healthy Living. We address the causes rather than covering up the symptoms, as has been the way in the past with sedative drugs and other medical techniques.  Our methods are completely 100% natural and are in fact not only good for people, they are good for anyone who wishes to live a healthy and balanced life style.

It is our mission atY4A  to offer Training Courses, under the guidance of professionals who have worked with Autism & Special Needs for many years and who have vast experience teaching Yoga. We aim to be at the forefront of accredited Special Yoga Training and can bring our yoga into your School, Classroom or Workplace.


Our Y4A Graduates will then be able to use their  training to help individuals with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and other Disabilities, to cope better in this often stressful modern world. Our Y4A Outreach Teams will take our Yoga Workshops to Schools and into the Wider Community.


We want to be a highly respected Charity and Community Yoga Centre.

It is also our Mission to establish a Yoga Studio and Clinic in North London, open to anyone with Autism and Special Needs and to offer Yoga courses to these individuals as well as to Carers and to Parents too.

We aim to offer yoga therapy for Children and Adults with Autism and special needs on a donation basis, and we aim to offer a diverse range of yoga classes, for all ages and abilities to fund our charity.


FREE NextGen Deveoper Training

Once we have helped people to fulfill their full potential with our yoga and teachings we wish to also offer them all jobs in partnership with our sister company NextGen Software Ltd.

NextGen Software Ltd provides FREE training for EVERYONE and do not require any previous skills or experience. The course teaches them how to make fun apps & games for the whole family which are also educational and teach vital skills such as meditation, mindfulness, yoga, nutrition, exercise and healthy living. We want to really empower people to believe in themselves again and to know they can achieve everything they dream off without any limitations. We want to actively encourage their creativity and imagination and give them free reign to work on or create whatever they like.

They also of course make excellent money and have extra peace of mind knowing their work is going towards helping people and making the world a better place.

The course as well as working with (we prefer with rather than for) us also have the same meditation, mindfulness, yoga, nutrition, exercise and healthy living built into the course and daily work pattern.

We know that people on the Autistic Spectrum will be equally as gifted and super creative as one of our founders David Ellams. We want to find their gifts and strengths and help hone and develop them further…

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Thank you.


What Y4A offer

  1. Sensory Yoga
  2. Story Telling
  3. BICS (Breathing, Imagination, Colour & Sound)
  4. Mindfulness
  5. Meditation
  6. Pranayama
  7. Mudras
  8. Asanas.
  9. Nutrition
  10. Exercise
  11. Healthy Living
  13.  Social awareness
  14. Education and Integration.
  15. Smartphone Apps
  16. FREE Insiders Guide To Autism
  17. FREE Daily Coping Strategy Guide
  18. FREE NextGen Developer Training Programme.


Ultimately, we wish to make lives better one by one and to do our part in making the world a better place…

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And to do whatever you can to help with our funding to get our own yoga studio.



Many thanks,

David Ellams BSc(Hons)
Founder & Managing Director


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