I am pleased to announce that the Manchester Autism Show was also a MASSIVE SUCCESS just as the London show was.

We had some technical issues in that my Y4A t-shirts fell out of my bag running to the train station and my business partner’s plane got grounded in Isle of Man due to high winds and he had the spare Y4A t-shirts. So I had to borrow a t-shirt off my friend Paul who I stayed with in Manchester.

So once again a show without wearing our Y4A t-shirts but the people were more interested in hearing what I had to say rather than what I was wearing so it was all good! :)

Got more people interested including schools and got offered to do another talk so must have been doing something right! 😉


BIG things are going to start happening for us now, we even have MP’s (Angela Simms) and OBE’s (Anna Kennedy) interested as well as larger organisations such as the National Autistic Society.

I feel we will have one of the largest stands there by next year along with custom made yoga matts for people to try the yoga out. We will also have Yogi Paws walking round and introducing himself and offering people to come and try some yoga to see how it makes them feel a lot better… :)

The dream is starting to take shape, not long now… :)

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And any help with funding would also be greatly appreciated! :)


We are trying to reach our goal off 20k to get our own Yoga Studio and so far we have only raised £100 so we would really appreciate if anyone could help make a donation, even if it isn’t very much it would still be appreciated and as they say, every little helps! 😉

Many thanks,
David Ellams BSc(Hons)
Founder & Managing Director


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