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Hope this message finds you well?

A BIG heart felt appeal…

Two months ago I collapsed with Adrenal Fatique due to burning myself out working 14+ hours a day contracting in London to try and fund Y4A and then was working into the early hours on Y4A as well as weekends… I had no social life whatsoever since my heart was set on Y4A and wanted to see my dream come alive to help as many people on the spectrum as possible to live happy fulfilling lifes to their fullest potential without any limitation…
I have been out of work for nearly 2 months due to Adrenal Fatigue so Y4A has stalled. Two of the other core team have also been out of action due to the passing of their mum recently.
The final member has a full-time job and a family with 2 kids to look after too so has very little free time to spend on Y4A.

We had a stand booked for the Om Yoga show from the 24th – 27th October. This costs about a grand and I was going to be fronting this cash when I was still contracting but obviously I can no longer do this.

I have already put in about 3k into funding Y4A, mostly from the Autism Shows in London and Manchester.

We need a min of 10 yoga teachers before we can train them so we can then start the workshops which have been in high demand. I have had a lot of interest from Schools, etc.

We have about 5 yoga teachers currently signed up. The Om Yoga Show was going to be how we got the rest we needed.
We even have an advert in the latest edition of their magazine which I had previously paid for (see photos below)

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It looks really smart, but we really do need to get to this show….

So what I am asking for is:

1. Could at least one person please go to the show to represent Y4A (more would be preferable of course! :) ) I will even pay them if required once I am back into work or we finally receive some funding. I have applied for a Business Loan for NextGen Software projects as well as Y4A. So fingers crossed with that…

2. If we do not get the loan then can anyone help raise the money needed for the show? Again, I can repay this if necessary.

3. Staff needed for Y4A to help run it….

4. Funding for Y4A, we are eligible for all sorts of funding, but we just need someone to go and get it…


We also need the Business Plan finishing so we can register as a charity…

I would do it but at the moment I am doing all I can to survive and keep my head above water so I need to focus on what is guaranteed to make me money but I am even struggling with that since I only get a couple of hours a day tops between rests and trying to keep myself alive since I live on my own and some days just cooking is hard let alone cleaning, my place is quite a state at the moment.

I am also applying for personal loans too, anything I can do to buy myself sometime to try and make a full recovery…
I am trying to stay positive and optimistic and really do not want to see my dream of Y4A go down the pan.

Sharon, the person who was going to be doing the training over here is now nearly fully booked for next year, she was suppose to be coming over in Dec or Jan. But we need those 10 teachers first…

After the show everyone wants to do yoga for their ASD pupile/patients, etc but since we can not yet provide they are going elsewhere, which is why I think Sharon is getting booked up…

So if we are to keep Y4A going we need to act NOW. No more time to waste, this is it, make or break time…

I was hoping if we all worked together we can somehow keep this dream alive?

Please help me keep the dream alive… :)

Would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,
David Ellams BSc(Hons)
Mangaging Director & Founder


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