Welcome to Yoga4Autism, I am David Ellams BSc(Hons) and I am the founder and Managing Director of Yoga4Autism.

We help people with special needs using healthy natural methods such as yoga, mindfulness, meditation, etc by addressing the causes rather than covering up the symptoms with mind numbing drugs as has been the way of the past. In doing so we can help as many people live happy fulfilling life's to their FULL potential without limitations...

I can personally vouch this works since I myself am on the spectrum (I was given the label of Aspergers, Dyspraxia & Dyselxia) and after a lifetime of trying everything with nothing really working, I finally discovered yoga, mindfulness and meditation, which helped turned my life around in the most amazing way. I have had a really hard life due to not having the help I really needed, I now wish to help others so they do not have to suffer as I once did...

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Be the change you wish to see in the world...

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You can view the rest of my videos in the My Aspie Video Journal & Journey

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What we offer:

- Sensory Yoga
- Story Telling
- BICS (Breathing, Imagination, Colour & Sound)
- Mindfulness
- Meditation
- Pranayama
- Mudras
- Asanas.
- Neuro-sensory Integration using rhythmic movement and sound.
- Parents and carers to come along to help bond with their child or person they are caring for.
- Nature awareness
- Nutrition
- Exercise
- Healthy Living Coaching


- Social awareness & skill integration.
- Education and Integration.
- FREE Yoga4Autism Smartphone Apps (worth £11.11 each)
- FREE Insiders Guide To Autism (worth £11.11)
- FREE Daily Coping Strategy Guide (worth £11.11)
- FREE Calming and Meditation CD (worth £11.11)
- FREE Home Yoga Video (worth £11.11)
- FREE Home Yoga for Bedtime (aides sleep) Video (worth £11.11)
- FREE Home Yoga Posture Cards
- FREE Yoga4Autism Customizable Merchandise
- FREE membership to our upcoming online support network (Autism Friendly Social Networking & More!)
- FREE support/mentoring/counselling/therapy service (coming soon...)
- AUTISM/SPECIAL NEEDS JOBS/WORK EXPERIENCE - FREE NextGen Developer Training Programme (donation basis) and a job offer at the end of it.

Just some of the benefits of what we offer are:

- Reduction of pain.
- Reduction of aggression.
- Reduction of obsessive and self-stimulatory behaviours.
- Reduction of anxiety.
- More control in regulating anxiety and emotions.
- The joy of sharing classes with others and making new friends.
- Building of social skills, awareness and reduction of social anxiety.
- An Increase in confidence and self esteem.
- Improves fine motor skills
- Improves spacial awareness.
- Improves muscle tone.
- Improves strength.
- Improves flexibility.
- Improves balance & co-ordination.
- Improves Neuro-sensory Integration and coordination.
- Improves respiratory ability and capacity.
- Promotes calmness and peace of mind.
- Improves spine and organ health.
- Improves head, neck and upper trunk control
- Improves self-awareness (both body & mind).
- Developing the ability to self regulate across environments and demands.
- Developing ability to relax and release tension, fear & frustration.
- Reducing stress reaction and improve resilience.
- Improves both quality and quantity of sleep.
- Improves respiratory ability and capacity.
- Improves immune function.
- Improves focus & concentration.
- Enhances a sense of emotional balance.
- Helps them to express their emotions more effectively.
- Find their personal freedom.
- Live longer! :)

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