Yoga4Autism can come to your school and set up workshops for pupils and students. Many children have Learning Disabilities and are on the Autistic spectrum. Y4A Spiritual and Mindfulness practice can help ALL school children focus, concentrate and relax in the classroom and at home. We include a fun mix of Circus, Song and Dance into our Yoga sessions, to ensure that Yoga is a fun experience for children of all ages. Please contact us today for more information on Y4A in Schools.

Also, if you are a Yoga Teacher or a Classroom Teacher in schools/colleges, now is the perfect time to begin understanding how Yoga can benefit people of all ages, especially those with Autism and Cognitive Disabilities like Down’s Syndrome and Dyspraxia. With Y4A you can train under the guidance of professionals who have worked with Autism for many years and who have vast experience teaching Yoga. You can bring our unique accredited Ashram Yoga training back into your School, Classroom or Workplace.

Just register your interest in the organisation at and we will send you an information pack today regarding upcoming Y4A training weekends.



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