Greetings Friends,

It has been a while since we have posted, we have been busy working behind the scenes planning, restructuring and preparing to launch Y4a 2.0 next year…

Everything has taken a lot longer than we would like but we are getting there so please bare with us! :)

We will be launching a new website next year along with a new business model, Y4A app, social network, Y4A Management & Reporting System plus lots more! :)

These have been a long time coming but as with most things, life gets in the way, it is especially very hard with no funding so we have been running Y4A had a lost since its creation in 2013, with myself personally funding it out of my own pocket at at cost of approx 10K/year. This is why we have had to stop going to shows for the last 2 years. We hope maybe next year or more likely the year after we will return to the shows, etc.

But we tried to run before we could walk, we needed to build up more solid foundations first, but you live and learn as they say! 😉

As some may know I am also on the spectrum and created Yoga4Autism when I discovered how effective yoga was for my condition, whereas nothing else worked. My background is in IT, mainly programming so I did not have any experience in moving into this field so I learnt a LOT of lessons the hard way! It turns out it was a LOT LOT LOT harder than I first thought!

I thought how hard can it be, train some teachers and then start some classes, simples! Hmmmmm…. yeah not quite, the reality couldn’t have been more different! Its a very hard space to work in, trying to match teachers with clients turns out to be a LOT harder than it seems. When you finally get a match with both in the same area then one is not available or just never gets back to you, we found a lot of unreliable people out there was the main cause for stagnating Y4A. We also had some unreliable people working for us, which I am afraid to say caused more damage than good, one even ran off to start their own training school taking our clients with them!

But anyway, that is all history now, as you can see I am very open and honest, one of the many positive traits of Autism. The other is determination, which is why no matter how hard it got, I never gave up, even after I burnt out at the end of 2013 with chronic fatigue, I was bedridden for months and off work for over 2 years. I lost everything, my job, my daughter (I had to withdraw from the court case to get contact with her, it has now been 7 years since I have seen my 8 years old little girl).

I share all this as an inspiration to show how long and hard this journey has been, but I never gave up. I needed to take a step back from it all to reassess the strategy so I decided to focus more on Our World (http://www.ourworldthegame.com), a 3D VR game teaching people how to create a better world by living in harmony with each other and the planet. The funds raised from this could then help fund Y4A, unfortunately this too was a lot harder than first thought and I am still having trouble finding funds for either Y4A or Our World so if anyone can help in this area it would be REALLY appreciated thanks! :)

I also create other smaller apps and games to make the world a better place and I am offering FREE training and jobs to people on the spectrum so its a win, win, win for all! :)

Check out more info here:

NextGen Developer Training Programme

NextGen Junior Developer Training Programme

Please contact me if you are interested in signing up for our training or a job helping to create these apps/game including Our World.


You will then also help Y4A.

We are also always looking for volunteers for Y4A, Our World & NextGen Software.

You can donate to our Crowd Funding page here:

The Our World crowd funding page is below:

Anyway, back to the main purpose of this post….

We are looking for experienced Yoga Teachers with experience working with Special Needs to help expand our Y4A Training School. We REALLY need your help right now, we wish to create some brand new courses to help build and expand on what we have offered in the past.

You can REALLY help make a difference to someone’s life! :) Not only the autistic person/child but also their whole family and even their carers, parents, teachers, so the net effect is massive! :)

This is a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY since we have thousands of teachers signed up on our DB with more signing up regularly. This is even WITHOUT any advertising, once we start advertising and actively looking the flood gates will open as they have in the past! :)

We are very generous so to begin with it will be volunteer basis as the material is created, you will of course receive commission and a big percentage share of money made from each training, which we are happy to negotiate with you but please remember we need to make Y4A sustainable and up to this date it has not so it has been a real struggle to keep it going let alone expand and do all the amazing things we have planned for the world!

To give you an idea of how good this could be for you, we currently have around 2000 teachers signed up. If we offered say just 3 courses to begin with, basic, intermediate & advanced at say £200 each then that is £600 per teacher. So for 2000 teachers that is !1.2 million. You could receive anywhere from say 5% to 20% of that, possibly more depending on how much you put in and what value you bring to Y4A, etc.

As we have said many times before, we are not in this for the money but we do need to make it sustainable and find a solution that works for everyone…

Later once Y4A is sustainable we can offer you a paid perm role on a good competitive salary.

If this resonates with you or you know someone who it may, then WE WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU! :)

Please email me on david@yoga4autism.com. Thank you.

Sorry for the long post, but since it has been sooooooooooo long I felt you all deserved to know the full scoop of what has been going on behind the scenes… :)

In Love, Hope & Peace,

Proud & Liberated Aspie
Founder & MD
NextGen Software


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