Please sign Anna Kennedy’s petition regarding JODECI RAP, which has insensitive lyrics and is flying around the world. The petition has 770 signatures already in just over 24 hours.


Please help support this good cause and show the world that ASD is a gift and a super ability, not a disability. We are not ill and there is no cure since we do not need curing, we need to re-educate the world on what Autism really is…

I appreciate how hard it is for the parents and carers of people with ASD and I am in no way taking away the sterling job and all the hard work you put in. I deeply respect and admire all of you and take my hat off to you. This message should hopefully help you see it is all worth it, since with our help we can help them become world leaders as we will become very soon…

They are each mini Geniuses in their field and with the help of our sister company NextGen Software Ltd, we can help empower and inspire them to be anything they want t be, if it is to do with programming and Computers then the FREE NextGen Developer Training programme is for them. Since we know much like myself, we are often very gifted when it comes to computers, in fact we find them incredibly easy, even the most complex things, but find the simple things such as talking and social skills very challenging.

They may excel in many different topics and often have encyclopedias of knowledge in their beautiful mind. They often also excel in Maths, Science and anything technical in nature as I also do.

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I also use to really suffer badly from my OCD and ADHD, but thanks to Yoga and 100% healthy natural ways that we offer I managed to learn to control these. I also have IBS but again this is not an issue anymore. I am living breathing proof this really works. The NHS completely failed me and their ways will struggle to help people with ASD, since a lifetime of Drs, NHS & drugs did nothing to help me. Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation were the only things that worked…

Along with my other challenges, have sensory issues, due to having an overactive nervous system and I never use to be able to talk, and when I did I would stutter, etc. I still struggle now and my speech is often too fast, slurred and mumbled. The yoga helps with the sensory issues and I am still working on the verbal communication skills and dealing with social anxiety. I have something known as Pressured Speech. Words sometimes come out back to front due to my verbal dyslexia or the wrong word completely would come out, even though in my mind the sentence was fine. I have always struggled to fit in anywhere and I am often mis-understood and I also had and still do sometimes have problems expressing myself.

I also had or still have but is now under control a whole load of other issues related to Aspergers, Dyspraxia and Dyslexia, but as I have made clear now, the natural SAFE and healthy methods we offer have now either eliminated or massively reduced the symptoms of my condition…

I went through hell as a child and was bullied excessively and even tortured. The bullying continued right the way through to adulthood too, and it is only within the last few years this has stopped, thanks to the amazing Yoga we offer that helped turn my life around. It helped, because it helped amongst many other things to rebuild my self esteem and confidence, which have been rock bottom most of my life. I never fitted in anywhere and could never defend or stick up for myself, due to having no boundaries and being too trusting, so I got walked all over, bullied, exploited, etc, etc.

We do not want other people to suffer as I once did, so please sign the petition to stop the bullying and also sign up for our Yoga classes so we can help turn other peoples lives around, enabling them to live happy fulfilling lives and allow them to be the best possible person they can be, without any limitations…

I will be uploading my videos soon as a video journey/journal of an Aspie, working on their communication skills. I will be doing inspiring and empowering talks for Schools, Teachers, Parents and at Shows, etc and I will record each of these to add to the journal. Hopefully over time, we will see an improvement… :)

Many thanks,
David Ellams BSc(Hons)
Co-Founder & Managing Director


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